About the project

VARUS is a national chain of supermarkets represented on the food retail market of Ukraine by the Omega company. The VARUS network operates in several formats: classic supermarkets, To Go stores and the VARUS.UA conscious shopping service. Founded in 2003, the company is currently among the top 10 retailers in Ukraine in terms of turnover.

Task: Complete redesign of the website to strengthen its online presence in the market.

Work stages

UX Audit: Setting goals and developing effective UI&UX strategy
Prototyping, CJM, and structure generation
Adaptive design of the VARUS website


Bright banners with the current promotions and offers on the first screen
Blocks with the most profitable offers as additional entry points
Competitive advantages of the company

Product page

Large photos to whet the appetite
Comprehensive product characteristics and ingredients
Сross-sale and upsell blocks

Quick access to the catalog from   the bottom navigation bar in the mobile version

VARUS loyalty program

Well-structured, comprehensive information backed by custom visuals for easy reading


Filters to speed up the search by specific parameters;
Product previews by the main categories;
Additional information about VARUS Cafe


Well-structured, comprehensive information backed by custom visuals for easy reading
Adding an item to the cart
The order was successful
Adding some personal info
Confirmation of private data and order verification
The order was successful


В результаті отримали користувацько-орієнтований інтерфейс, який демонструє всі послуги та переваги бренду, пріоритезує основні функції продукту та демонструє цінність для покупців.

Турум-бурум продовжує активно працювати над проектом, тож усе найцікавіше ще попереду.

Детальніше про проєкт у статті:
“Mobile-First UX & UI Design: створення зручного інтерфейсу для популярної мережі супермаркетів в Україні”

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