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Project goals

With the help of the Evolutionary Approach improve the online-store interface and increase Average Revenue per User. Website technical support and the development of new solutions.
Project goals
UX audit
Usability audit
We explored website analytics and business area, found interface mistakes, prioritized them and created hypotheses for their elimination.

UX audit results:

91       pages of the report
54       mistakes that were found and recommendations on how to fix them
120   hours of UX-expert work

Interface mistakes fixing

We eliminated critical mistakes and started the gradual interface improvement. All the hypotheses were based on Google Analytics data, heatmaps and users’ feedback. The decisions were confirmed with the help of A/B tests and website metrics comparison.

Example #1 

Search function optimization

Example #1 Search function optimization

Step 1

We studied search queries frequently entered by users

Step 1

Step 2

We checked the implementation on the website and identified a number of problems:
  • Search query categories were not loading
  • Incorrect search results were displaying
  • There was no quick entry to goods categories

Step 2

Step 3

We worked out a search algorithm according to what users were looking for

Step 3

The results 

of search optimization

The transaction rate from search increased by 74.64%

Search optimization result

Example #2 

Cart optimization

Example #2 Cart optimization

Mistakes detection

  • Unnecessary steps before the cart

  • The button “To the cart” on the cart page for adding additional items 

  • Characteristics that are not matching product are displayed.

Mistakes detection

The results 

of cart optimization

  • We shortened the way to the cart to 1 step

  • Cross-sell elements were added

  • Product kits  were worked out

  • We emphasized the price and the button “Proceed to checkout”

The results of cart optimization

Example #3 

Chekout optimization

Example #3 Checkout page optimization

Mistakes detection

  • A complex multi-step path to the page  
  • Too many fields  
  • Non-intuitive choice of delivery and payment options 
  • No error hints for input fields 
  • Non-informative Thank You page, etc. 
Mistakes chekout detection

A/B testing results 

  • The user path to Checkout page was shortened

  • The page structure was optimized

  • We created a more intuitive interface

Conversion Rate increased by 54.68%

A/B testing results
 The average revenue per user increased

The results 

of the Evolutionary Approach

  • The bounce rate decreased by 13.35%

  • Pageviews per session increased by 12.04%

  • Average session duration increased by 8.75%

  • Transactions increased by 19%

  • Transaction rate increased by 7.97%

  • Revenue increased by 10.24%

The average revenue per user increased by 11.46% in 3 months

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