About the project

Robinzon is a multi-category website selling goods for all types of tourism, leisure, and travel. It is the official distributor of Samsonite in Ukraine.


Create a website design that would become a tool for further business growth and scaling.


The Robinzon website is designed using the mobile-first approach. It involves developing an interface with a primary focus on mobile devices.
We created a special space that conveys the atmosphere of travel, adventure, and outdoor activities to increase user engagement.

All interface elements, including fonts, are non-random and correspond to the specifics of the niche and business theme.
We added subtle splashes on the white background that resemble smudges typical of outdoor activities. This helps to be on the same page with customers and creates a sense of belonging to the same community.
We set the right visual accents. Blocks of the homepage are highlighted with a non-standard visual accent.

We created a minimalist website design and added attractive thematic custom elements.
Colorful banners featuring news and promotions, branded benefits, and vibrant illustrations.
We used the tunnel approach (one screen — one action), according to mobile patterns.
Product page
We used a light background with large images that support the overall look and feel of the site.


We created a customer-centric and mobile-friendly web product that meets the needs of both businesses and users by providing:
  • Simple and intuitive navigation;
  • A sense of belonging to their own community;
  • Advantageous presentation of the company's products;
  • Ability to scale in the future without significant time and financial investment.

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