Spot Hunter

Find unique spots to take an astonishing photo,post locations and earn money

Who is this app for

For place seekers

Spot Hunter helps you to find beautifuland unique spots. You’ll get an exact geolocation, angle, timeand recomendations of how to takea perfect photo
Who is this app for

For spot hunters

If you know spots like that, share with others. Just take a photo, upload it and get money from each location sale
Features and how it works
Оn several more screens users get an information about main application features of which we’ll tell you further
41°24’12.2″N   2°10’26.5″E

Add location

To create a location just upload photo, add tags and write short overview.Each spot get an geolocation

If location already exists, you can become co-owner by uploading your own photo of this location

Locations search

After oboarding and if geolocation services is turned on, you get this screen. Here you can discover locations nearby or take a look at popular ones
Also we added search, filters and tags to help you find exact what you want

Purchased location details

Buy spots to see an exact geolocation, reviews, information about golden and blue hours and author recomendations of how to take a perfect photo

You can take a better photo and if it’s undergo moderation you’ll get money for it

The golden hour map will help you to see the direction and the best time to shoot depending on the shade of light you want in your photos

My locations

After uploading locations here you’ll see your income. Also how much money each spot makes in total, mothly and daily