Redesign of the official site of Samsung in Ukraine
Our task was not only to create an interface that complies with Samsung guidelines but also to add and optimize the user experience at all stages: whether it is an offline purchase on credit or a warranty claim.
Another important task was to convey the benefits of buying on the official website to users over competitors and simplify the ordering process.

Here's what we did

Usability audit and analytics of the current website
Offline interviews with store employees 
Creating target audience personas
Customer Journey Map
The information architecture of the current and new website 
Wireframes and highly detailed prototypes
The mobile-first design and desktop version

Example of a buyer persona

Oleg, 34 years old
Director of an IT company
Income: from 100 000 UAH
To choose a device that meets my needs. A top line. The device should be fast. If I don't find a specific product, I would like to find the best one. No point in changing the device with each new line; if the screen breaks - it's time to buy. He values top quality at a reasonable price. He can afford an expensive device, yet a large expense will be split into zero-interest installments if possible.
«If I can't get a product within a few hours, I'll go to the nearest place, no matter what kind of store it is.»
Married, has two children. Works in IT. The choice process is conscious — he looks at reviews, reads articles about the product, and buys impulsively. It is crucial for him to get the desired item as quickly as possible. He prefers to use only up-to-date products and appreciates the product's convenience and usability.
To upgrade the device to be more comfortable at business meetings and according to his inner feelings.
  • Delivery takes a long time
  • No card payment option
  • Extra charges when paying online
Monobank, Alfa Romeo, The Verge, Stone Island, Abercrombie & Fitch

Home page

We made the navigation blocks to the site sections maximally diverse to draw attention to them on scrolling 

Product list

Product page

Shopping cart

It was designed as a pop-up since the average check does not exceed 2 items. This allows for avoiding one step on the way to checkout.
Gift selection and purchase of the Galaxy Ecosystem Business Kit

Checkout process

Personal account

Analytics and UX: Maxim Chuvurin
Project manager: Denis Studennikov
Concept and UI: Yuri Kravtsov
UI: Mykola Burdyko

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