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How we created a fresh dashboard designfor the Spot.One API SaaS project, that is seamlessly blending intuitive user experience with captivating visual aesthetics.


About the dashboard

The dashboard serves as a valuable tool for blockchain software developers, providing insightful metrics on element usage, request volume, and request speed per second,aiding in the optimizationand analysis of Spot.One API integration.


Empowering users with flexibility, the dashboard facilitates the seamless addition of new apps (tokens), enabling them to effortlessly harness the potential of the Spot.One API for their diverse range of applications.

Mobile design

The dashboard has also been thoughtfully designed to cater to mobile devices, allowing users to effortlessly access and manage their Spot.Onet API data on the go.

Usage summary

Within the dashboard, users can see the actual and predicted element usage through intuitive graphs.


Billing data is displayed with utmost transparency and readability on the dashboard, allowing users to effortlessly comprehend and analyze their usage and costs.


Invoices are meticulously organized and easily downloadable fromthe dashboard, providing userswith a streamlined and efficientway to access their billing information.


Users can effortlessly monitor their element usage as it approaches its limit on the dashboard, seamlessly being guided towards an upgrade path.


Users have the capability to closely monitor the methods employed throughout their API usage withinthe dashboard.


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