Smart Extreme

Smart Extreme

Service for people who are looking for the great place for their next vacation

01 / Client & Task
SmartExtreme is a global marketplace for searching and booking a kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing and kayaking holidays online all over the world
Our main goal was to create an easy to use and reliable booking system with personal touch. Also we needed to create a good looking new logo
02 / Logotype
first step
We’ve created a new logo that reflects the dynamics of emotions and drive
03 / Concepts
second step
After we we’ve researched industry of the extreme water sports we’ve came up with the three different views on this project.

So we’ve desided to show all the ideas to our client determine which concept is more acceptable.
Concept 3 was accepted by client
04 / Main page
main screen
The most place in the first screen is reserved for the search bar since this is the main entry point
second screen
It explains the advantages of the marketplace. We've used an unusual form for a photo to emphasize the extreme side of the rest and to remind the user of it.
05 / Colors & Fonts
06 / Icons
07 / Centers list
Weather radar, wind and waves forecast forkiters, surfers, paragliders, pilots, sailors andeveryone else
Each center has a personal page with detailedinformation, contacts and reviews
Site visitors are presented with verified newest information about water center
08 / Sign In & Sign Up
09 / Other layouts
10 / Project Team
Thank you
for watching
Project Team
Dmytro kukuruza
Art Director
natali litvinova
Logo Designer
nina antonyan
Concept & UI Designer

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