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Driven by technological advancements and innovative teaching methods, the education industry strivesto equip learners with the skills and knowledgethey need to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Your challenges

When attending courses offline, you may encounter fixed schedules that may not be convenient, the needto commute to the physical location, and limitations in accessingspecific educational institutions.

Our solutions

We offer numerous benefits such as flexibility, accessibility, a wide range of course options, self-paced learning, andthe ability to balance workor other commitments.

Lecturer dashboard

/Student dashboard

Main features: course creation and organization, content management, gradebook functionality, communication tools, and monitoring student progress.

Get the interactive learning mobile app

Empower instructors and students with efficient course management, content access, and collaboration features, all in one convenient mobile app. Enhance your education journey today.

Jennie Hwang

Lecturer. Marketing director

Jennie Hwang

Lecturer. Marketing director
Hello Christine! You achieved the highest score on your performance marketing course exam. Congrats girl!
Today, 4:15pm


The messenger feature allows users to engagein real-time conversations, facilitating instant communication and efficient exchangeof messages within the platform.


/Lecturer dashboard

Main features: easy access to course materials, assignment submissions, grades, and announcements, engaging in class discussions and group projects.

All courses are under control

Information panel with current student courses. Monitor homework and get all the information you need about the next lectures.

Your knowledge always with you

Gain knowledge from wherever and whenever you choose. Accomplish tasks and keep tabson your progress effortlessly, as all you needis readily accessible at your convenience.


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