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Main task

To identify key areas where customers have abandoned their online shopping carts, find out the reason why, and provide a recommendation to solve the problem.

UX Audit
UX Audit
The process of the project review consisted of the following three main stages:

 - UX auditing of the website (mobile and desktop);
 - Interviewing business representatives;
 - Providing further support and advice of any further clarifications.

After the audit was completed, we have done the following:

 - Created a document listing the problems for each key page;
 - Prioritized all those issues;
 - Provided a full detailed proposal of amendments with documented examples and indications of how each amendment could improve the user experience.

After audit
The main points of growth
The main points of growth

 - Increase the conversion rate on the mobile

 - Increase the number of views of the product detail pages

 - Increase the add-to-basket rate on the desktop

 - Minimize the shopping cart abandonment rate

 - Increase the checkout completion percentage rate

Results of the work done
Our team has utilized analytic tools, session recordings, heat maps, and other customer data to execute their tasks and provide recommendations. As a result, our customer has reported an increase in the conversion rate and site traffic after nearly implementing every recommendation.

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