About project

Tilly Pig is a start-up company that produces porcelain piggy banks with a variety of prints.

The company is partnering with Disney to create some very special Tilly Pig featuring favorite children characters.

Main task

To develop a UX/UI design of the site from scratch to launch a new brand product on the market — Tilly Pig piggy bank.

Main page

Product page

The product page shows what custom product options are available and provides all the information needed for making a decision.


Despite the fact that the website is developed on the basis of Shopify, a customizable checkout was created with all the specifics and needs of the target audience in mind.


As a result of our cooperation with Tilly Pig, we created an MVP (minimum viable product) with its own brand identity and custom illustrations ready to be launched on the market. The design combined simplicity and lightness with brightness and functionality.

Thanks to the UX/UI solutions, we emphasized all the product advantages, considered the target audience specifics, and communicated the start-up's social idea to the consumer.