IT company that provides DevOps and DevSecOps services — Dysnix
О проекте
About the project

Dysnix is a Ukrainian IT company with over 8 years of international market experience that provides DevOps and DevSecOps services. Engineers at Dysnix have completed over 60 projects in Fintech, Web3, Medtech, advertising, and other industries. 

Task: create a new website with the following objectives:

  • Demonstrate all their existing Web 3 products and services;
  • Underline their expertise in the field;
  • Stand out from the competition.
Stages of redesign

The process of the project work consisted of the following stages:

  • Research: At this stage, we conducted market research and main competitors and discussed with the client their wishes and requirements for the new design.
  • Concept: We developed several visual design versions and prototypes.
  • Design: After the prototype was approved, we started working on the design, including choosing the color schemes, fonts, styles, etc.
  • Development: After the concept was approved, we started working on the site redesign and creating custom illustrations.

Website Stylistics

One of the designer's tasks was to systematize and compile the website's style. In order to convey the content of the services and the identity of the company. We refused to use stock images and created visuals that fully reflect the product itself and its features.

Website Stylistics
UX/UI Design of the Blog

Dysnix's blog design was a critical task because this website section has significant potential for user engagement and SEO. The challenge was in structuring and presenting the content, as the blog's content was extremely rich and diverse.

UX/UI Design of the Blog
Results of the Dysnix website redesign
Results of the website redesign

We achieved the goals set and created a design that not only helped Dysnix stand out from the competition, but also demonstrated new products and services in Web 3 in a clearer and more accessible format.

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