Conversion rate increase by 12.5% on mobile for the apartment rental website
About online booking service
  • is a service of online vacation rentals in the cities of Ukraine:
  • Over 12 000 apartments in 82 cities from 3 000 owners.
  • The company is among the leaders in its niche, it competes with such major web-services as Airbnb и Booking.
  • Over 340 000 users per month.
Why we chose the RSR approach?
The website no longer met the requirements of a modern user and didn't fit the new tasks of the business.

According to the Google Analytics data, 72.9% of the users accessed the website on mobile, however the bounce rate among these users was 22% higher than among the desktop ones.

Thus we chose the RSR (Revolutionary Site Redesign) approach, guided by the mobile-first principle.

The reasons for this decision were as follows:

- low website speed;
- low conversion rates and high bounce rates among users on mobile;
- outdated technologies;
- no inhouse UX/UI team for ongoing project support;
- necessity for expanding and upgrading the website functionality.
Work stages

We collected analytics data, formed a complete picture of the business processes, outlined the business's strong points, as well as the existing problems and pains of the target audience, identified the main competitors, made a comparative analysis of the functionality and collected examples of the best practices.

Technically, with the help of the RSR approach a new website was created from scratch based on the analysis of the existing project. Besides, we decided to work iteratively, that is, we split the whole project into blocks and set deadlines for each of them. The team would move on to a new block only after the previous one was completed. Such a strategy allowed introducing corrections right in the course of the work.

Details of the key pages redesign
The blocks were not prioritized randomly. The analysis of the Google Analytics data showed that the key pages for the Dobovo website were the following ones:

Page of the apartment, visited by 31% of the users and being basically the key one for making a decision about the booking;

Product list - the second most visited page of the website;

Make-a-Booking page, where the user completes the targeted action.
Product card or apartment page
Main decision point
Product page
Product page
Product card on mobile

Key decisions for the optimization of the apartment page:

- Accent on the visual block

- Direct communication with the owner for additional information

- Description of characteristics using custom icons

- Visual booking calendar

- Animations and banners for choosing a discount or promotion

- Social proof content in the form of reviews

Iteration result

As a result of the work on the apartment page the average session duration increased by 11.32%, which also influenced the overall result.

Product list page
Work with filters and sorting
Product list on mobile

Key elements of the optimization of the product list page:

- Panel with calendar, sorting and filters are always available

- Prioritization of the filters for each city

- Two different scenarios of the information presentation: as a list and on the map

- Demand tracking tool and automatic display of the demand statistics

Iteration result

The micro conversion rate for moving from the product list to the product card increased twice.

The number of product list views grew by 27.45% thanks to the mobile users.

Make-a-Booking page
Key website page where the user completes a targeted action
Make-a-Booking page on mobile
We split the booking process into three subsequent steps.
Step 1 - Registration or authorization
Step 2 - Important information for making the final decision
We added a reminder with all the order details
Step 3 - Payment

We thoroughly researched the user’s problem in terms of prepayments, made accents on different payment options.

Iteration result

The exit rate on mobile decreased by 11.73%.
The micro conversion rate, i.e. the number of the users who visited the booking page and actually made a booking, increased by 35%.
What we achieved
We created a simple informative design for the rental service Dobovo, using the RSR approach. The interface of the new website performs the connective function between the user and the website, which is confirmed by the results of our work:

Over the testing period the conversion rate on mobile increased by 12.6% for the whole project

The micro conversion rate on mobile (moving from the order page to order placement) increased by 35%

We keep improving the usability of the Dobovo website interface and are getting ready for improving the key metrics using the ESR approach.
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