Ukraine's prowess in IT outsourcing is well-established, but its evolution into a UX/UI design hub is equally remarkable. With a dynamic blend of technical prowess, cultural adaptability, and strategic advantages, Ukraine is positioning itself as the new Silicon Valley for UX/UI in Eastern Europe. And this is for good reason. And we can list at least 10 good reasons.  

10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Consider Outsourcing UX/UI to Ukraine

1. Thriving IT Export and Growing Demand

Ukraine's IT export recorded a remarkable 20.4% growth in 2020, illustrating the burgeoning demand for Ukrainian tech talent. Ukraine's advanced mobile banking, effortless money transfers, and efficient day-to-day delivery systems demonstrate the nation's dedication to seamless digital experiences. The thriving e-commerce sector further highlights the country's commitment to creating user-centric solutions. This ecosystem not only benefits local users but also positions Ukraine as a formidable player in shaping the future of digital interactions on a global scale.

2. Abundant Pool of UX/UI Designers

Ukraine's prominence as the 2nd largest IT outsourcing market in Central Eastern Europe highlights its rich tech talent pool. This diverse workforce, bolstered by a network of over 4,000 companies, underscores the country's robust IT landscape. Within this dynamic landscape, there were over 212,000 IT specialists in Ukraine in 2021, with a significant contingent specializing in UX/UI design.

These adept designers consistently stay attuned to the latest trends, combining skill and experience to craft compelling digital experiences. Their versatility, cultivated through exposure to diverse industries, enables them to tackle a wide array of challenges adeptly. This convergence of talent, education, and innovation cements Ukraine's position as a UX/UI design powerhouse.

Pool of UX/UI Designers in Ukraine

3. High-quality Education and Expertise

Ukraine's robust education system fuels its reputation for top-notch IT specialists. With a literacy rate of 99.7%, education holds significant importance in the country. Over 1.5 million students are enrolled in 619 higher education institutions, contributing to the nation's strong tech education. In emerging Europe and Central Asia, Ukrainian institutions hold three spots in the top 100 according to EECA University Rankings. This dedication to education ensures a constant upskilling of specialists, driving excellence in UX/UI design.

Education in Ukraine

4. Adaptive Culture and Western Working Norms

One common objection is that Ukrainians lack experience with the behavioral patterns of European countries and American retailers. However, this notion is rapidly becoming outdated. Ukraine's service sector and e-commerce industry have flourished, leading to a deep understanding of user preferences and online shopping behavior.

Moreover, the country's designers have been working closely with global companies, imbibing an open and flexible Western working culture that enables them to bridge the gap between different user mentalities.

Also, Ukrainian UX/UI specialists have a distinct approach to interface design. They place a strong emphasis on analytics and data, allowing them to create user-centric designs that effectively cater to diverse user mentalities. This strategy ensures that their interfaces are not only visually appealing but also tailored to the specific needs and behaviors of users, regardless of their cultural backgrounds or geographical locations.

Adaptive Culture of Ukrainians

5. Strategic Time Zone Advantage

Ukraine's strategic time zone advantage positions it as an ideal partner for global businesses, fostering effective communication and collaboration. With a 7-8 hour time difference from most regions in the US, Ukrainian teams can actively engage with clients across different time zones, ensuring seamless interaction.

This geographical and time zone advantage is particularly valuable in the dynamic field of UX/UI design, enabling real-time communication, reduced barriers, and swift turnarounds. Besides, Ukrainian UX/UI designers are recognized for their strong work ethic and responsiveness to client feedback, further enhancing the collaborative experience.

Time Zone Position of Ukrainian Experts

6. Preferred Hub for Global Companies

International heavyweights such as Apple, Uber, and Snapchat have recognized the value of Ukrainian expertise, establishing their workforces in the country. Notably, over 100 Fortune 500 companies collaborate with Ukrainian specialists, including Amazon and Microsoft. Also, Ukraine's status as a preferred outsourcing destination is affirmed by global players such as Samsung and Boeing, which have established R&D hubs in the country.

The IT sector's contribution to Ukraine's GDP, which reached 4% in 2020, underscores its significance. Numerous success stories, including collaborations with Dollar Shave Club and Nomad, showcase Ukraine's role in propelling global companies forward.

Ukraine: Hub for Global Companies

7. Flourishing Startup Ecosystem

Ukraine's IT outsourcing prowess has not only attracted giants but also fueled a flourishing startup ecosystem. The Ukrainian startup scene is flourishing, with 126 startups securing venture capital funding since the start of 2021. The investment of $571 million in Ukrainian tech companies showcases the immense potential of the country's tech scene, resulting in unicorn startups like GitLab and Grammarly, along with world-renowned products such as CleanMyMac, PetCube, Reface, and Alset appeared. All of that emphasizes Ukraine's capability to produce globally impactful products.

Famous Ukrainian Startups

8. Top Value/Cost Ratio

When considering value and cost, Ukraine stands out as an ideal choice. Compared to Western European and US developers, Ukrainian rates offer significant savings while maintaining exceptional standards.

Here is a table that compares the average salary rate of UX/UI designers in Ukraine and Western Europe:

Thus, the average salary rate of UX/UI designers in Ukraine is significantly lower than in Western Europe (from $1,500 to $5,000 per month, depending on experience, skills, and location). For example, the average salary for a UX/UI designer in Germany is $6,000 per month, and the average salary for a UX/UI designer in the United Kingdom is $7,000 per month.

This difference in salaries is due to a number of factors, including the cost of living, the level of demand for UX/UI designers, and the availability of talent. The cost of living in Ukraine is much lower than in Western Europe, which means that businesses can save money by outsourcing their UX/UI design needs to Ukraine. Additionally, there is a large pool of talented UX/UI designers in Ukraine, which helps to keep salaries down.

However, it is important to note that the quality of UX/UI design work in Ukraine is often just as good as the quality of work in Western Europe. This is because Ukrainian UX/UI designers are highly skilled and experienced, and they are constantly up-to-date on the latest trends in UX/UI design.

Salary Comparison Table

9. Harnessing Analytical Brilliance

Contrary to misconceptions, Ukrainian UX/UI experts possess a strong analytical foundation. Armed with cutting-edge tools and technologies, these professionals leverage data-driven insights to provide effective solutions. The emphasis on data-driven design minimizes the need for an intricate understanding of every nuance of user behavior in a specific country. Instead, Ukrainian designers rely on robust analytical methodologies to create experiences that resonate across diverse user bases.

Data-Driven Design Advantage

10. A Strong IT Infrastructure and Adaptive Resilience Amidst Adversity

Ukraine boasts a robust IT infrastructure ideal for UX/UI design services, including high-speed internet, diverse data centers, and a thriving startup ecosystem that fosters global collaboration.

In times of crisis, like the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing war, Ukraine's IT industry demonstrates exceptional adaptive resilience. Despite circumstances, Ukrainian companies and specialists quickly returned to work, showcasing unwavering productivity.

Thus, during the pandemic, many quickly transitioned to remote work, leveraging video conferencing and project management tools to collaborate worldwide.

The war's impact on the IT industry has not deterred Ukrainian UX/UI designers, who have found ways to work from unconventional spaces, such as bomb shelters and basements, even managing power outages creatively:

  • Co-working spaces with generators;
  • Mini power plants to ensure uninterrupted power supply;
  • Fiber-optic Internet to remain connected.

This adaptability, coupled with Ukraine's innovation, underscores its position as a prime choice for UX/UI outsourcing. So, businesses outsourcing UX/UI to Ukraine can trust a team equipped to handle any challenge with professionalism and expertise.

Bottom Line

Ukraine's ascent as the emerging UX/UI Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe is no mere coincidence. The new Silicon Valley isn't just about location — it's about talent, vision, and the relentless pursuit of innovative excellence.

Here are some of the key benefits of hiring UX/UI specialists in Ukraine:

  • Highly skilled and experienced: Ukrainian UX/UI designers have a strong foundation in design principles and are up-to-date on the latest trends.
  • Affordable: The cost of hiring UX/UI specialists in Ukraine is significantly lower than in Western countries.
  • Strong IT infrastructure: Ukraine has a strong IT infrastructure that is well-suited for UX/UI design services.
  • Flexible and adaptive: Ukrainian UX/UI designers are open to working remotely on a variety of projects, having continued to work hard and deliver high-quality results despite the ongoing war, offering unmatched quality.
  • English-speaking: Most Ukrainian UX/UI designers are fluent in English.
  • Favorable time zone: Ukraine is in the same time zone as most of Europe and the United States.
  • Strong work ethic: Ukrainian UX/UI designers are known for their hard work and dedication.
  • Proven track record: Many global companies, such as Samsung and Boeing, have outsourced their IT needs to Ukraine with great success.
  • Brilliant analysts: Ukrainian data analysts can help businesses to understand their users and their needs.

If you are looking for talented and affordable UX/UI specialists, then Ukraine is a great place to start your search.

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