What conversion rate should be considered normal, and what should not? What should be the average conversion rate for an online store in a specific niche? How to improve the efficiency of a website? These are the questions we hear most often.

Therefore, we decided to release a series of articles that will help address these questions, as well as the nuances of interface optimization to develop online business and improve user experience.

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Niches to which Turum-burum client projects belong

Such a knowledge base allows us to highlight common behavioral patterns for niches, and frequent problems, and form a pool of illustrative examples of effective UX/UI solutions for online business. Also, we provide key findings based on data analysis from analytics, heat maps, session recordings, etc., both for the market as a whole and for specific niches.

We are already ready to share summarized data for all e-Commerce niches:

But we all understand that average indicators differ from niche to niche, just as user behavior varies at different stages of the funnel. We are ready to share our experience and observations with you in a series of thematic articles, each dedicated to a specific direction and considering its specifics.

So, you'll get data that'll help you understand where your business is at, where it's headed, and so on. This will become a useful resource that will help not only identify weak points in projects but also inspire the implementation of effective changes that will help take the business to a new level.

Details: To start, we have highlighted seven niches: fashion and apparel, electronics, health and beauty, furniture and home, jewelry, drug stores, and gifts. Every direction has its own set of user behaviors throughout the funnel. These include how they choose a particular store, what matters to them in their search, decision-making, order processing, and post-action. And, of course, the business niche plays a key role in correctly assessing the average site conversion rate.

Thus, the material will cover:

  • Typical problems for each type of device and their frequency in percentage.
  • Average indicators, features, and nuances faced by users in different niches.
  • The main difficulties users face when going through the funnel and completing their tasks, with an emphasis on user flows.

For example, we will examine the product selection scenario. This will include an analysis of which parts of the interface influence user choices and how. You will receive a verified user flow for this stage of the user journey plus an analysis of additional case scenarios that go beyond the standard flow.

We will demonstrate cyclical processes among users, showing how fixing minor usability errors can lead to significant positive changes in KPIs. We will analyze practical cases where the logic of the user flow was disrupted and what it led to.

So, we are confident that this series of articles will prove invaluable to e-commerce professionals, enabling them to identify areas for improvement in their projects and to implement effective changes that will drive their businesses to new heights.

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