Website UI audit: the first step to digital improvements

A UI audit, or user interface audit, is an essential process for businesses looking to refine their online presence and enhance user engagement. When it comes to improving your website, a thorough website UI audit can illuminate areas that are performing well and others that require adjustments. By focusing on how your users interact with your website, a UI audit identifies discrepancies between your site’s design and the users’ expectations. This is crucial for boosting usability and conversion rates.

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User interface audit: looking deeper into UI elements

A user interface audit involves a detailed examination of a website's visual elements and their functionality. It doesn’t just scratch the surface; instead, it explores deep the interaction patterns to confirm that each element is contributing positively to the user experience. 

Here are the elements that are carefully examined during a UI audit to ensure a cohesive and engaging user experience:

  • Typography: Text should be readable and aesthetically pleasing across different devices and screen sizes.
  • Color schemes: Check that colors are used consistently and effectively to enhance visual appeal and user navigation.
  • Button sizes: Verify that buttons are of a suitable size for easy interaction, contributing to a better user experience.
  • Image placements: Assess the positioning and quality of images to ensure they complement the overall design and enhance user engagement.

This type of audit helps in pinpointing the less obvious usability issues that might be hindering user interaction.

UI audit as a systematic approach to website improvement

Conducting a UI audit is not merely about finding faults; it’s about validating the effectiveness of each design element on your website. By systematically addressing each aspect of your site’s UI, you can ensure that your website not only looks appealing, but is also highly functional and user-friendly. This kind of audit is pivotal for websites to maintain an edge in the increasingly competitive digital marketplace.

The Intertop ui audit case study

Intertop, a leading footwear retailer, enhanced its online presence dramatically by implementing a systematic UI audit. This process involved examining and refining various aspects of their website to boost user experience and increase sales.

The audit started with a thorough analysis of the existing website design. The team focused on identifying areas that were not performing well, such as complicated navigation paths, slow loading times, and visuals that didn't engage users effectively.

UX UI audit for Intertop — Turum-burum case study

Key changes made during the Intertop UI audit included:

  • Simplifying navigation: The menu and overall site structure were streamlined to help users find products faster and more intuitively.
  • Enhancing load times: Technical improvements were applied to decrease page loading times, ensuring a smoother browsing experience.
  • Improving visuals: The quality and placement of images were enhanced to attract and retain user attention, making the site more visually appealing.
  • Optimizing mobile experience: Special attention was given to making the mobile version of the site user-friendly, recognizing the growing number of users shopping via mobile devices.

These targeted actions led to an improved user interface that was easier to navigate, faster, and more visually appealing. The results were significant:

  • Increased conversion rates: Intertop saw a 55% increase in conversion rates already after the first 3 months, indicating more visitors were making purchases.
  • Lower bounce rates: The improved user experience reduced the bounce rate by 20%, keeping users engaged longer on the site.
  • Higher customer satisfaction: Customer feedback became increasingly positive, reflecting improved usability and satisfaction.

These achievements demonstrate the effectiveness of a systematic approach to UI audits in realizing business goals and improving key performance indicators (KPIs).

Website UI audit: revisiting and refining

Another round of website UI audit helps in maintaining the consistency of the user interface improvements over time. It’s a cyclical process that should be regularly implemented to adapt to new user behaviors, technological advancements, and evolving business goals. This ongoing process helps maintain a robust digital presence that continually meets the expectations of its users.

Talking about the previous case study Intertop, by continually revisiting and refining their website through repeated UX UI improvements, Intertop ensures that their digital platform evolves with their audience's expectations and technological trends. 

As you can see we achieved 55% conversion increase after the UI audit and the first year of UX/UI changes, then in 2020 we increased conversion by 10.5%, in 2021 by 8.7%, in 2022 by 12.4% and we continue working together. 

This cyclical process not only enhances user satisfaction but also drives better business results, such as increased conversion rates and greater customer loyalty.

What is usually included in a UI audit?

When conducting a UI audit, several key aspects are meticulously analyzed to ensure optimal performance. These typically include:

  • Consistency of visual elements: Checking the uniformity of fonts, colors, button styles, and link formatting.
  • Navigation and accessibility: Ensuring the site architecture is logical and accessible, with a focus on intuitive navigation pathways.
  • Responsiveness and compatibility: Testing across various devices and browsers to ensure consistent user experiences.
  • User interaction: Analyzing the effectiveness of interactive elements like forms, CTAs, and hover effects.
  • Load times and technical performance: Identifying any delays in page loading and interactions that could frustrate users.

The difference between UX audit and UI audit

While often used interchangeably, UI and UX audits serve distinct purposes in enhancing a website's functionality and user experience.

  • UI audit: Focuses on the visual elements of a website. It reviews how well these elements work together to create a cohesive and appealing interface. The goal is to ensure that the interface is not only visually pleasing but also functional and consistent.
  • UX audit: Goes beyond the surface to explore how users interact with the website. It examines user behaviors, satisfaction levels, and overall usability. The focus is on the journey that users take through your site and how effectively they can achieve their objectives.

UI audit example: Boosting sales with UX/UI improvements at Sunuva

Sunuva, a children’s swimwear brand, experienced a remarkable increase in sales after implementing changes based on a UI audit. The brand faced several challenges with their website, which made shopping difficult for customers. Issues such as complex navigation paths, slow page loads, and a cumbersome checkout process were identified during the audit.

To address these issues, Sunuva focused on streamlining the user experience. They simplified the navigation by reorganizing menu items and creating clearer, more intuitive pathways. This allowed customers to find products more easily. The checkout process was also overhauled to reduce steps and remove unnecessary fields, speeding up the overall transaction time and reducing cart abandonment.

Sunuva case study: UI audit example

Additionally, the website's responsiveness was improved, ensuring a smooth experience across all devices, particularly mobile, where a majority of their users shop. Visual enhancements were made as well, with better product images and a more appealing color scheme to enhance the aesthetic appeal and user engagement.

These targeted improvements led to a significant rise in conversion rates and overall customer satisfaction. This case study highlights the critical role that thorough UI and UX audits play in diagnosing and rectifying website inefficiencies, leading directly to improved business outcomes and higher sales.

Integrating professional UI audits into your strategy

Incorporating professional UI audits into your digital strategy can drastically enhance your website’s performance and user satisfaction. At Turum-burum, we specialize in comprehensive UX UI audits that delve into the core of your digital interface. Examples of audits from Turumburum include detailed analyses of e-commerce platforms to streamline the shopping experience, as well as revamping content management systems for enhanced usability and engagement.

By partnering with us, you can expect a detailed analysis of your site's usability, actionable recommendations, and expert insights into aligning your website’s UI with best practices and user expectations. Embrace the power of a professional UI audit with Turumburum to transform your digital platforms into highly efficient, user-centric experiences. Our services are designed to highlight and remedy any aspect of your user interface that is not fully optimized, ensuring that every visitor enjoys a seamless and engaging interaction with your site. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your digital presence and achieve lasting success in your online endeavors.

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