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Learn more on how we increased the conversion rate by 55%

Turum-burum — Google UX Partners

Check out our star ratings and the latest reviews

Learn more on how we increased the conversion rate by 55%

Turum-burum — Google UX Partners

Check out our star ratings and the latest reviews

Increase the conversion rate of your Shopify store

Our ecommerce experts can provide CRO services that can help make it easier for your customers to make a purchase decision. We offer UX/UI solutions that are based only on analytics and user behavior data.

Using qualitative and quantitative data along with 14 years of professional experience in CRO and UX/UI, we can identify user interface mistakes and create a plan for conversion growth of your Shopify and Shopify Plus stores.

We know the full potential of Shopify and Shopify Plus platforms and all their limits when it comes to website changes.

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Conversion rate optimization audit

The Shopify store audit is a comprehensive analysis of website usability conducted by our experts in which they pinpoint less-than-perfect areas of your site that can cause problems for users and give detailed recommendations for handling them. You will get a growth plan with 30-50 recommendations on how to get rid of the negative impact of UX design mistakes. You will also get a Looker Studio dashboard so you can control the main KPIs of your website by yourself.

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Shopify conversion rate optimization: Boost package

The Shopify CRO Boost package is a service that improves the UX/UI of the site gradually according to the recommendations of the CRO audit. We can create new UX/UI solutions for the pages with mistakes, conduct AB tests (if needed), control their implementation in the development phase, and measure the results after new designs are implemented.

If you have an in-house development team, we can collaborate with them to implement the new design mock-ups. If you don’t have a team, we can easily solve this with our Shopify partners.

This way, you will be able to get the maximum conversion increase by eliminating all critical interface mistakes.

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Continuous Shopify conversion optimization: Subscription

After we eliminate all the interface mistakes, we can start providing Continuous improvement services. We can constantly provide support for your website by optimizing it according to your new business needs or new trends in user behavior on a subscription basis.

You can hire the services of our UX/CRO specialists by booking and prepaying at least 40 hours every month. Every month, we can check the analytics, heatmaps, feedback etc., as well as generate new hypotheses for optimization, conduct AB tests, and create new UX/UI designs for you if needed. You can pay on a time-and-material basis only for the hours that we spent on your project.

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Shopify UX UI from scratch: New store design

If the site needs an extensive redesign, we can create a new Shopify UX/UI design for the whole project from scratch based on the user behavior data that we obtained from the Shopify store audit. Or we can help you launch a brand new online store to the market.

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We have been working on the website design of a fashion retailer called Intertop since 2018. In the first year, we started with a UX audit and a CRO Boost phase, which led to a 55% increase in conversion.

In the second year, we started continuously improving the website which helped increase their conversion rate by 10,5%. In 2021, our CRO services helped increase their conversion by 8,7%.

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We created a new design from scratch and helped the client to launch a brand-new product to the market — Tilly Pig piggy banks. Thanks to the UX/UI solutions, we emphasized all the product advantages and considered the target audience specifics.

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ORNER is a manufacturer of housewares, office accessories, and goods for the home and for the soul.

We have created a user-friendly and well-structured interface which includes all the crucial information. The web store features easy navigation, clear catalog categories, a structured product page, cart page, and checkout page that help increase the KPIs of the project.

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We have conducted more than 1000 UX audits and designed about 300 projects

Let’s find and eliminate all the UX/UI issues in order to increase the conversion rate of your Shopify store

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The Shopify conversion rate optimization process

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