1st studio of fashionable metamorphoses
About the project: is a chain of offline and online stores in Ukraine, Russia and the Baltic countries. It is a premium women’s clothing brand that aims to reveal the uniqueness, charm and beauty of every woman, regardless of her age and physical type.


Improve the quality and efficiency of the online store operation, create the style that would correspond to the company’s new positioning.

ESR approach to website redesign

Since dramatic changes could entail more risks than benefits, we suggested choosing the ESR (Evolutionary Site Redesign) strategy.

Redesign of the key website pages
Redesign of the key website pages

What we did:

  • provided more marketing opportunities with the help of three banners communicating up-to-date news on the first homepage screen;
  • highlighted the fact that it is a designer clothing online store by placing a video of Elena Hashim’s fashion show, where she was surrounded by models, on the website;
  • created a “Looks” block in order to play with the idea of metamorphoses and demonstrate more looks variations with one and the same product;
  • centered the logo in order to stress the association with fashion;
  • equipped the page with as many entry points as possible: “Popular”, “New arrivals”, “We recommend”  blocks.

Main page
Product List Page

We changed the structure of the content presentation on the product list page:

  • placed filters in the horizontal menu at the top of the page, which allowed presenting more content and show four product cards (instead of three) in a row in the desktop version;
  • made product tiles bigger, focusing the user’s attention on the main thing – the product.

Product list page
Product Card
Product Card

We paid particular attention to the page structure in mobile because of the low add-to-cart micro-conversion rate from the product card in the mobile version:

  • designed a gallery with big photos and native zoom function, pictures can now be swiped;
  • structured the information affecting the decision about the purchase;
  • redesigned the “Similar products” block –– the products that match the selected look, can complement it and are in a similar price category can be seen there.

After the introduction of the above-listed changes the number of users who added the product to the shopping cart after viewing the product card increased by 128.06%: by 146.52% in mobile and by 28.78% in desktop.

Checkout Page

What we did:

  • reduced the number of the fields on the page and structured them;
  • split checkout into several subsequent steps;
  • transformed the universal delivery form into individual cases for each destination: Ukraine, Russia, other foreign countries.

As a result, the checkout conversion increased: the number of users who started the checkout process and completed it grew by 24.62%.

Checkout Page
ESR approach is the key to the conversion increase

Turum-burum keeps actively developing the Sohl project and optimizing the conversion of their online store. 25% efficiency increase in checkout, and 128% increase in the cart are already there, and it's not the limit. On the whole, as a result of the ESR approach to the website redesign, the number of orders grew by 25%.

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