clothing, shoes and accessories store for young people
Create an online clothing store for young people
Because good clothes open all doors, we used images typical for streetwear, and fun elements. We made users able to shop quickly and easily no matter what type of device they have. We chose two main colors: a trademark red and black; made photos look old with the scratched textures and highlighted categories with “spray paint”. All the images are big, bright and captivating, they help users to immerse in the content
Unique menu
The store has a banter name, and we decided to uphold the tradition. Instead of some boring cliches we used youth slang to indicate the categories of clothes: “Top”, “Bottom”, “Head”, “Legs”
Уникальное меню
The design of the online store is a little savage, distinctive, it reminds about youth subcultures. Stylistics of the brand are supported by non-standard typographic: rough print, customized pictograms designed in the red and black color scheme
Product cart
Product card contains a gallery and a multifunctional window where users can choose the right size, leave or read a feedback, see the details and buy the product.
Карточка товара
Category portal
The page of the portal is bright and immersing in the content. Here users can see all the subcategories and brands of the section, details of sales and top products
Портал категории
Баннер из иконок
Выдача товаров
Products page
The products are displayed as tiles. In order to make search easy, we added filters and sorting functions
Выдача товаров
The chain of “Myaso” stores isn’t just a business for its owners, it’s a way to express themselves and influence street style. The online store we developed reflects the philosophy of the company
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